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Tommy knows all the Nascar Drivers
Tommy went to the Winston Cup preview for the second year in a row. He spent some time last year with Jeff Gordon but this year he met Jimmy Johnson and Ricky Rudd. Click here for some Nascar Pictures

The Hermit Crab Website
Here is the project site for Tommy's Hermit Crab Crabitat, including pictures and documentation.Hermit Crab Website.

The Egg Float Project
Here is the project site for Tommy's science project, including pictures and documentation.Egg Float Project Website.

Recent News
Tommy takes some laps after passing the field to take first place in the first race.

Family links
Sam the Dog
Sam is our Black Standard Schnauzer, he's strange but lovable.

Tommy's Web Page for all those Nascar fans

Hurricane Haley the Web site.

Happy & Hoppy Hannah has a Web Page

No need to clown around with this section. Here are some of my works and quotes.