Tommy's Egg Float Project

Egg Float Project

My project is on density, and how the density of water affects whether an egg will float or sink. Density is the measure of the mass of an object compared to its volume. Density is determined by the mass of the object. The mass of different objects can vary greatly. Compare three statues, all of which are the same size. One made of lead, one made of clay and one made of paper. The lead one will weigh the most because lead has the highest density.

For my project, I collected 6 eggs and placed them each in a glass of water. I labeled each glass to note each mixture. I left one glass with normal tap water. I put salt in the other glasses in different amounts. In the tap water glass, the egg sinks. In the other glasses, the more salt, the higher in the water the egg floated.



This is because the egg has more density than the tap water, but the salt water has more density than the egg. The density is changed when salt is added and the egg floats. If we weigh the two containers, the saltwater weighs more even though they are the same size.

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This was lots of fun. This little experiment helps explain why a giant steel battleship can cross the ocean without sinking.
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