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Custom Solutions & Tech support

Managed Database support

Worried that your internal resources won't be able to keep your e-business and
mission-critical IT applications running, while threats from viruses, hackers and disaster continue to increase? .


We provide custom Database support for the following:

  •   SQL Servers running Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

  •   Oracle 10G Databases running Linux or Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

  •   New Installations, design planning, security and setup.

  •   Web integration including forms and custom interfaces.

  •   Backup Including syncronization, normalizing, replication.

  •   Version Upgrades. We make upgrades successful.

  •   Code- We have programmers for customized Databases.



    Essentially, Sharepoint is a dynamic web interface for your SQL database.

    We provide Sharepoint support from server setup to complete delivery of your data to intranet or internet. We also provide Sharepoint Hosting.


    Anyone that tells you they support databases, should be familiar with Sharepoint services from Microsoft. We recommend Sharepoint for our clients.

    Database Replication

    We can help you realize a replicated disaster recovery plan, backup solutions or tuning for performance. We do it everyday.


    You've got the data, now what? can you deliver the information to a Blackberry or a remote network?

    Yes, we can.

    We specialize in providing access through VPN across Firewalls and remote terminal services.

    Web based MySQL

    We offer professional Web management, design and turnkey setup to make the web easy.

    managed services

    Here is a small portion of our Web clients, our web portfolio speaks volumes. Sure, we know how to make your website look terrific. However, we also understand the technology behind search engines.

    managed services

    We provide full FTP access and on-line control panels for easy site administration. We have highly trained, dedicated Web Masters on staff. Contact our Web Hosting Sales for more information.

    managed servicesInnovative design and reasonable rates and professional reputation make us the right choice for this Christian web site.