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Custom Solutions & Tech support

Custom Built Computers & Servers:

We recommend Dell and HP for many of our clients large scale roll out plans. We typically handle everything from specs to orders.


Some applications require a custom built solution. For many of our GIS/Engineering clients and our manufacturing clients, a powerful server or workstation is critical.



Media Centers

We customize build solutions for media centers, sound booths and video conferencing applications. Many large Church organizations use our custom built computers and our streaming media expertise to deliver high quality media presentations. Web development and Technology planning. Disaster recovery planning and security analysis is a central part of our services.

Virtual Server Solutions

We build the Virtual Server platforms for for high-speed processing and high scalability including Virtual Desktops and rack mounted systems. For Citrix and VMware we work with manufacturers to deliver the right system. We've saved countless dollars for our clients in recent VMWare, virtualization and Blade/SAN projects.

Microsoft Solutions

We recommend Microsoft products for our clients considering server or workstation operating system software. Our clients use lifecycle, we provide a complete range of services.

We have completed large PC installations, upgrades and database conversions many times. We have a solid reputation building customized infrastructure solutions and integration with the client's other business processes.

Managed Applications

We can manage your applications, upgrades and conversions so that your resources are better able to focus on business. Our solutions have been addressing the needs of industries such as banking, financial services, insurance, telecom, retail, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and the government.